Customize a UnionPay card product that tailors to your specific needs and enjoy abundant privileges that meet your diversified card-using demands.
  • UnionPay Dual (RMB | EUR) debit card
    UnionPay Dual (RMB | EUR) debit card has a dual currency function. If you make a purchase in mainland China, the amount will be deducted from your RMB balance. If the amount is insufficient and automatic conversion from your euro balance will take place, so that you can complete your purchase (providing that your balance in euro is sufficient). You can now do away with the hassle of currency exchange rate fluctuation and there is no need to carry large amounts of cash.

    ICBC offers global strength

    ICBC offer you, through its financial strength and its leading position in China, a debit card with a premier presence in Mainland China and unsurpassed convenience worldwide.

    Shop and pay with ease

    With your ICBC Debit card and PIN, you can settle any purchases or expenses in any UnionPay listed merchants within China. No extra charges, no need of cash and no hassle whatsoever.

    Enjoy the new experience right away

    Our Debit Cards are exempted from credit approval. You can get your card and begin enjoying the ease of managing your account and spending in no time at all.

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