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    For overseas ATM cash withdrawals with UnionPay cards , please follow the related stipulations at "Service Center - Overseas Card-using Service - Card-using Notice".
  • Exchange Rate Query Exchange Rate Query
    UnionPay applies exchange rates from relatively preferential rates subject to multiple market sources and principles. Exchange rates displayed here are based on the buying and selling rates in the UnionPay system and are exclusive of any charges or markups levied by the Issuer.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
    Which cards can be used on UnionPay network abroad?In what countries can UnionPay Card be accepted by merchants and ATMs?How to use UnionPay Card abroad?What special attentions need to be paid when using dual-logo cards abroad?What can be done if emergency circumstances occur during overseas card-using?In what countries and regions is UnionPay Inte