Introduction to the UnionPay App

The UnionPay App is a strategic mobile payment product developed by commercial banks, payment industry players, and China UnionPay for shared benefits. The App allows users to enjoy secure and easy payment services, by joining up banking resources with the extensive UnionPay network, supporting a broader range of use cases, and building more open and comprehensive service platforms.

With the UnionPay App, users can easily link and manage all sorts of bank accounts and access mobile payment offerings of different banks including QR payment, card- not-present payment, transfer, Mobile QuickPass, and transit QR code. The App also has a selection of benefits and privileges for users.

Secure Payment with the UnionPay App

Safeguarded by Three Financial-Grade Measures

  • UnionPay Risk Management System

    Ensure security in application and use through a combination of cardholders’ physical card details and mobile device information, as well as other risk ratings

  • Remote Management

    Protect users to the utmost by remotely managing potentially risky products of the UnionPay App based on the nature of mobile internet devices

  • User Security

    Facilitate fast user compensation for risks and losses in related frauds

How to Activate Your UnionPay App

Simple operation, immediately experience the UnionPay App

Step 01Scan to download the UnionPay App on your mobile device

Step 02Register

  • 1Select ‘Me’

  • 2Select ‘Register’

  • 3Register with your mobile phone number Enter SMS verification code Set login password

  • 4Registration Successful

Step 03Add Cards and Complete Real-Name Authentication to Enable Online Payment

  • 1Select ‘+’ in ‘Cards’ to either enter card number or scan bank cards

  • 2Fill in personal information

  • 3Enter SMS verification code

  • 4Type in and confirm your payment password

Step 04Start saving money and living a good life

Applicability of the UnionPay App

UnionPay App users can now enjoy safe and easy mobile payments in 94 countries and regions across the world. In particular, UnionPay QR payments are accepted by over 30 million merchants in the Chinese mainland. Over 1.5 million merchants in 44 countries and regions outside the Chinese mainland in Asia Pacific, Central Asia, South Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and North America take UnionPay QR payments. Besides, the App users can use UnionPay mobile QuickPass at over 7 million POS terminals in 82 countries and regions including Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Russia.

Overseas Service Page of the UnionPay App

The overseas service pages have been launched on the App for 24 countries or regions, including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, North America, South Pacific, Middle East and Europe. Outbound travelers, upon arrival, can use the UnionPay App to view localized offerings and make QR payments and in-app purchases online or in-store, which facilitates their daily life, travel, education, and communication abroad, and comes with a large number of merchant discounts. There are in total 26 quality content modules, covering utility payment, international education, transportation, insurance, donations, travel, domestic service, food ordering and takeaway.
  • International Education

    UnionPay mobile payment service is enabled on many leading international payment platforms, supporting tuition payment for more than 5,000 education providers outside the Chinese mainland. Users can enjoy exclusive offers and fast payment services.

  • Travel

    UnionPay mobile payment service is enabled for use cases such as cross-border buses, airlines, hotels, global car rental companies, and tourist attractions, allowing outbound travelers to enjoy discounts.

  • Local Life

    UnionPay mobile payment service is enabled at day-to-day use cases covering utility payment, food ordering and takeaway, domestic service, facilitating the life of the local Chinese community.

Hong Kong and Macao Versions of the UnionPay App

Introduction to the Hong Kong and Macao versions of the UnionPay App

UnionPay launched the Hong Kong and Macao versions of the UnionPay App in 2018 as a response to the development of the Greater Bay Area. The endeavor is to meet the growing payment needs arising from freer movement of people and goods between the Chinese mainland and the Special Administrative Regions. Users can access cross-border mobile payment services including QR payments and in-app purchases simply by adding locally-issued cards to the App. Once downloaded, the App is available for payments made locally, in the Chinese mainland as well as for cross-border purposes.

Use cases for the Hong Kong and Macao versions of the UnionPay App

UnionPay QR payment service is supported by over 50,000 merchants in Hong Kong and Macao, covering small-value high-frequency use cases such as public transport, F&B, and retail. Specifically, well-known merchants providing the service include Long Win Bus, part of Hong Kong taxis, Macao Light Rapid Transit, 7-Eleven, McDonald’s, Maxim’s Cakes, Sasa, and SF Express. Meanwhile, UnionPay mobile payment has become fully-fledged for cross-border transport, and has effectively facilitated the movement of people as the Greater Bay Area develops. The UnionPay QR codes are not only supported for payments on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and its shuttle buses, Chu Kong Passenger Transport, Eternal East Cross-Border Coach and Trans-Island Chinalink, but also on taxis in Shenzhen, buses in Guangzhou, and other public transport services in the Chinese mainland.

Value-added services of the Hong Kong and Macao versions of the UnionPay App

UPI, leveraging its digital payment service capabilities, has been adding features to the Hong Kong and Macao versions of the UnionPay App since the COVID-19 outbreak. Services such as utility payment, taxi reservation, Macao health QR code application, appointments for COVID testing, cross-border tax payment, and house cleaning booking have been enabled in the App to make people’s life easier and to facilitatepayment in the challenging times.